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Eat this book!

Spring is upon us, and once again it’s time for the EDIBLE BOOK FESTIVAL!Edible Book The festival will take place on March 29th, from 2-4pm at the Kilgarlin Center.  All entries need to be submitted by 1:45pm that day.  Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Best in show
  • Wittiest
  • Tastiest
  • Best Book Structure
  • Least Appetizing 

More information can be had from the Edible Book Festival website.  Bon appétit!


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From the Beeb:

A “spooky” image of a priest executed for treason over the Gunpowder Plot has appeared on a 17th century book thought to be bound in his skin, it is claimed.

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Today’s Book Lab 3 action report!

Here are some action shots from today’s Book Lab 3 class. Chela gave a demo on blind-tooling, Emily and Suzy did 3-on sewing, Danielle realized it really was “Frog Chicago” that was written on her mapstock case, Sarah was cleaning the spine on her UT Dallas book, Melissa made some awesome new endpapers utilizing the magic of Photoshop, and Meg sagely warned us all about the dangers of blind tooling through water puddles.

From In the lab…

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Book of Origins

This summer, I was fortunate enough to see the “Book of Origins” fine-binding exhibit, curated by Karen Hanmer, when it was at the Cincinnati Public Library. From Syracuse University’s Library website:

The 2007 traveling exhibition features twenty contemporary fine bindings by ten American binders. The group includes established masters as well as gifted emerging artists. Two works are presented by each binder: their binding in response to the set Book of Origins text, and an additional example of their work.

My favorite binding was Karen Hanmer’s take on Jorge Luis Borge’s Ficciones.

Check out the exhibit here!

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