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ABC For Book Collectors

Through the good graces of Oak Knoll Books and the British Library, the full text of John Carter’s ABC For Book Collectors is now available as a free PDF.  It’s a great introduction to all the different parts of a book, and a reference I’ve used many times as a student.

Cover of ABC for Book Collectors

Cover of ABC for Book Collectors


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Kilgarlin Forum for March 28

Kilgarlin Jazz Hands!Please come to the Kilgarlin Forum on Friday, March 28th to hear alums Tish Brewer and Shannon Phillips speak about their experience as conservators in private practice in Dallas.  In the meantime, check out their blog and their website!

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Here are some useful links on interviewing.  It’s mostly good, common sense (alas, there is no Big Interview  Secret to Success), but it can certainly be helpful to review the finer points when prepping for an interview:

 Phone Interviews

How to Ask Good Questions in an Interview

Answering the Toughest Interview Question

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Today’s Book Lab 3 action report!

Here are some action shots from today’s Book Lab 3 class. Chela gave a demo on blind-tooling, Emily and Suzy did 3-on sewing, Danielle realized it really was “Frog Chicago” that was written on her mapstock case, Sarah was cleaning the spine on her UT Dallas book, Melissa made some awesome new endpapers utilizing the magic of Photoshop, and Meg sagely warned us all about the dangers of blind tooling through water puddles.

From In the lab…

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International Vintage Poster Dealers Association

Revue de Folies-Bergere

IVPDA Online: About Linen Backing for Posters

I give them credit for plugging professional conservation, even if they do refer to us as “conservationists.”

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Tape is evil!

Tape Removal

Beth Heller, paper conservator and Kilgarlin alum, speaks out against the evils of tape in her blog (now added to the blogroll as well). With gift-giving holidays right around the corner, what better way to show your thoughtfulness than with a “Tape is Evil” coffee mug or Paper Conservation calendar? Just check out Beth’s Cafepress store for more Tape Is Evil merchandise.


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Bugs vs. Books: three minutes of bugs eating books.

From the University of Florida’s Digital Library Center comes this recently digitized film, jointly produced by the Preservation Department and the Nematology and Entymology Department. Long story short, it’s three techno-filled minutes of cockroaches dining on books. You can read more about the film, and the Digital Library Center’s efforts, at their blog. Also, they encourage people to make bug vs. book remixes, since the video is under a Creative Commons license. 🙂

For the squeamish: Movie contains icky things and wanton book destruction. You have been warned!

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