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Just Peachy

Check out Jeff Peachey‘s fledgling blog (at the urging of Brenna Campbell).


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Here are some useful links on interviewing.  It’s mostly good, common sense (alas, there is no Big Interview  Secret to Success), but it can certainly be helpful to review the finer points when prepping for an interview:

 Phone Interviews

How to Ask Good Questions in an Interview

Answering the Toughest Interview Question

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Peter Callesen’s Paper Art

As some readers have pointed out, these are actually the work of  artist Peter Callesen.  Please check out his website for more examples! 

I know I am not alone in my geekiness when I admit that, after my initial response of “oooh,” my second thought was, “hmm… what are some of the conservation challenges that these pieces would present, and what would be the best way to tackle them?” Thoughts?



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Isn’t Google Going to Make Your Job Obsolete?

Opus 12-30-07

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International Vintage Poster Dealers Association

Revue de Folies-Bergere

IVPDA Online: About Linen Backing for Posters

I give them credit for plugging professional conservation, even if they do refer to us as “conservationists.”

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