Peter Callesen’s Paper Art

As some readers have pointed out, these are actually the work of  artist Peter Callesen.  Please check out his website for more examples! 

I know I am not alone in my geekiness when I admit that, after my initial response of “oooh,” my second thought was, “hmm… what are some of the conservation challenges that these pieces would present, and what would be the best way to tackle them?” Thoughts?




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4 responses to “Peter Callesen’s Paper Art

  1. Anonymous

    Not a contest… single artist. Please check it out:

  2. These were not part of a contest at the Hirshorn – these amazing works were done by Peter Calleson.

    You can see his work here:

    Absolutely stunning work

  3. googler

    This is a strange story. As far as I can tell from a quick googling, the “contest” is pure fiction, and all of these (fantastic) papercuts were actually done by the same artist. Here’s his website:

    But why would someone invent this contest??? Bizarre.

  4. Keri

    I tried to find the “contest” too, after having received an email 4 times from different people, but to no avail,

    Anyway, these works are gorgeous! My high school students love them and some have been inspired to do a project influenced by his work.

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