What’s in a name?:how to convey the idea that you preserve books and paper, not whales (though whales are nice too)

If you haven’t already, go read Beth Heller’s latest blog entry.  A short snippet to get the gist:

My question to you: how do you describe your profession to a stranger, when you have about 5 seconds to get it across? Do you say “I’m a conservator”? The response to that, it seems, is “…like you save the environment?” I tend to say “I fix art and historic documents”, and leave the word “conservator for later in the conversation. That don’t seem right, PR-wise, but it communicates the essentials quickly. It does leave something to be desired in expressing the intricacy, extensive training and education, the professionalism required.Ideas, anyone? 


Also, there was a brief but interesting article in the NY Times today about how people project themselves online.   I think the internet can/could be a very useful tool to promote a greater awareness about conservation, and library conservation in particular – but as always, we must be aware of the potential pitfalls of using new resources like blogs, social networking sites and even online photo services like Flickr and Picasaweb.  In other words, Kilgarlinites, you must always use this blog for good, not evil.  🙂


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